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As iron sharpens, iron so does one man to another. I have always had a desire to help people in some form or fashion. To not only talk but show action and create a path that would help someone have a better life. My years growing up in Orangeburg SC helped developed me into the person I am today. After college, I faced many trying times, but because of sports, I fought through by grinding each day, continuously saying to myself Grind harder but smarter. My dream was at one point in my life come back to show younger athletes the path while informing them of pitfalls to avoid.
I have always believed a true leader never cared for their loss of life, They were the leaders that lived their lives upon the edge of a knife, Fought for the safety of fellow brothers beneath the open sky — fighting for the souls appointed to them by the creator God. Knowing that life is about the purpose, and though my body will not live forever, my spirit will. Through the lives, I helped the best way I know how from the experiences I went through. In the end, my soldiers can say I was the person that was
I help somebody as I pass along, I cheered somebody with a word or song, I showed somebody he's traveling wrong, I taught the message as the master taught me, Then my living will not be in vain.

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