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is creating ESP Easy for home automation and data harvesting

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About Grovkillen & TD-er

You found our page. Great!

 Current situation 
Our names are Grovkillen & TD-er and we're the core team behind ESP Easy (an open source firmware initiative for the microprocessors ESP82XX and ESP32). The idea that we have is to be able to quit our daytime job. Grovkillen formaly as a Standards Engineer at the company Senseair, part of Asahi Kasei, now in-between projects but is working hard on the GUI for ESP Easy. TD-er formally as a Software Engineer at the company KxA Data Solutions. Senseair produce and sell gas sensors detecting carbon dioxide, methanol and other gases surrounding us. KxA Data Solutions process, store and analyze Big Data for industrial to astronomical use. TD-er is now a full time developer using ESP Easy as a basis of his projects.

As two examples of projects done with 100% ESP Easy we have a product made for Senseair which helps them reading CO2 levels at the inlet of fresh air on cars. Together with that value, the position it was fetch, time/temp/humidity/pressure etc. it is transferred to Senseair servers where they can do analysis of it. Another project is the measuring boxes used by Delsbo Electric. The Delsbo Electric project was done pro-bono and we only got paid for the hardware. We are super happy to be a part of that race which is in the realm of our interest, students creating super low energy consumption vehicles.

 ESP Easy, what's the deal? 
For you who haven't heard about the firmware ESP Easy before, it is an "operating system" to connect sensors, relays, displays, and multiple other hardware and process the data they create. It's aimed for anyone from an absolute beginner to professionals making rapid prototypes and proof of concepts on industrial levels. In a nutshell, we make building IoT extremely accessible for anyone. Our firmware is being used by schools, semi-professional tinkerers, startups and amatures for some years now. To name a few areas where ESP Easy is being used:

  • Monitoring strawberry fields in Australia
  • Keeping track of pH levels in cichlid water tanks in Germany
  • Watering plants in classrooms in England
  • Documenting ventilation systems in Holland
  • Opening and closing chicken doors in Germany
  • Measuring outdoor air quality in Sweden

The list is getting longer each day and we are very proud to be a part of this movement.

So why should you start using IoT in your life you may think. We firmly believe that data is knowledge and by accessing knowledge you can act upon it. As an simple everyday example, by starting to measure the incoming water temperature to your house you will see that when you opening the tap the water temperature will drop. Knowing this means that you can actually measure water consumption by measuring the temperature. Who would have though!?

You could've bought a ready made product to do this, but will it fit your need to 100%? Will you really understand what that product is doing? Will you learn from it and act upon it? We want you to build-&-learn not plug-&-play. We provide the tools, you build the future.

 You might ask: so why Patreon, aren't a simple paypal donation button enough? 
True, some users will think that's sufficient but we believe that in order to get this initiative to reach the masses we need to make the hurdle to understand what you can do and how to do it as low as possible. We want to make this journey transparent and open, and Patreon is a great way of getting funds and keeping you in the loop with updates. We know our mission is realistic and reachable and if you think so too you are welcome to join us on this journey.

 What do you get? 
A dedicated full time core team that will make sure that ESP Easy and other closely related support applications will get 100% attention and traction. In return we will deliver a cutting edge toolbox for your project, what you want to build is up to your imagination!

 The Patreon way 
In an ideal world we might have been able to do this without the funding from a community but we still need to:

  • Feed our families
  • Pay the bills
  • Buy hardware
  • Have a beer on Friday evening

So with each major stable release of ESP Easy we will ask you as a patron to fund us. You can of course stay a patron on a monthly basis, we do need the funds in between major releases as well. But be sure, the actual releases will be free as in air and downloadable from our GitHub page. Gold level patrons and above will be mentioned in the "About" page within the GUI of ESP Easy.

 Major (stable) release? 
A major release is a release with considerable updates that have been tested and thus being considered stable. We aim to do this twice a year with daily updates of development versions.

 Easter eggs 
We like to sprinkle our social media channels with (hopefully) funny doodles, pictures, fun facts, prize contests and such. More on that later.

 PS.  Our GitHub page is found here. There you are be able to download free (open source) firmware and apps for your ESP Easy project. We promise you, they will make your life ESP easier!
$1,315.10 of $4,000 per month
If we reach this goal we can quit our daytime jobs and focus 100% on the ESP Easy project.
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