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About Growing Troubles

Are you a lover of taurs? Reptiles? Multiple legs? Daily life in a different world? More strangeness that still feels comfortably familiar? Then check out Growing Troubles, set in a world of Lizardtaurs where we follow the daily life of 16-year-old Liz who one day undergoes a mutation when she grows several extra legs! Follow Liz as she deals with her transformation, motherhood, family and friends and the drama and comedy that ensues as she faces the challenges of being an oddity in her world!

The comic is currently updated once a month, but you can help us to see Liz live her life faster by supporting the comic and helping us increase the updates every month. If you support this project you will get some great rewards in return, like access to the roughs, sketches & line art, have your Lizardtaur original character make a cameo & more in the future
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the first goal we have, is a free monthly sketch for for the higher supporters
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