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Hi there! My name is Chris (aka Gruber). Thanks for visiting!

I'm a pianist, composer and educator from Toronto, Canada and I make electronic music with Ableton Live, MilkyTracker and Pico-8.

For patrons, rewards include:

Other rewards include getting feedback on YOUR music and monthly private lessons on piano, composing, improvisation, playing jazz and classical music. Of course, I’m open to feedback and suggestions for other rewards, please contact me!

What Am I Working on Now?

Pico-8 & Composition Tutorials (approx. 2 video tutorials/month) – a “Feedback Series” with a focus on Pico-8 and composition. $10 patrons can send me their music (Pico-8, MilkyTracker, piano, etc.) and I’ll make 15-20min videos with commentary, feedback, and ways to improve. If patrons aren’t currently working on music, I’ll pick random music from the Pico-8 forums.

Jazz Piano Articles (approx. 1500 words/month) – Very dense, descriptive articles about practicing, jazz piano, and improvisation. Topics range from hand independence, understanding physical relationships at the piano, how to practice, and useful exercises. These may eventually turn into a video tutorial series.

Piano Practice – You can often find me streaming my practice sessions on Twitch, usually between 1-4pm EST. I’m also chatting and happy to answer music related questions. People often stop by to ask about playing the piano, theory, and improvisation etc. Come say hello!

Music Masterclasses – My streaming schedule is inconsistent, so I started a music masterclass series. Getting live feedback is much better than written articles and tutorial videos. This is Patron’s opportunity to send me their Pico-8 carts, MilkyTracker projects, and piano music. I’ll review them live on stream!

More About Me:

Thanks again for visiting!

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If we reach this goal, I'll produce a chiptune remake of another TV show soundtrack, like Stranger Things.  Season 2 perhaps?  You decide!
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