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About Bill Hulet

You clicked on the button because you are interested in helping me with monthly micro-payments. Great! On the right side of the screen you'll see three options or "tiers". Click on one of them and go from there. 

If this scares you or you just don't know whether you want to commit for the long term, that's OK. To make a one time payment, go back to The Guelph Back-Grounder  and under the Patreon button you'll see another button that says "donate". That's my tip jar. You can make a one-time donation there using either a PayPal account or a credit card. 

If you subscribe using Patreon, you will also get sent my weekly "op eds". I started out as a free lance writer selling this sort of thing to various newspapers across Ontario. I also wrote them as a weekly column for the old, defunct Guelph Mercury and a few monthly magazines too. These little missives are the opposite of my in-depth Back-Grounder stories which specifically attempt to be totally objective and fact-based. The idea is to let readers know a little bit about what I really think about things.

At least for now, I'll leave these open to the public so anyone can read them, but I may eventually put them behind a paywall so only people who kick in some money through Patreon will be able to see them. Either way, subscribers will get them sent to you by email. 
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Three hundred a month might seem like an ambitious first undertaking, but I put about a couple hours a day into "The Guelph Back-Grounder", which means that at that rate I'm making less than the minimum wage. If we want to have a local news source, citizens are going to have to support it!  A subscription to a print newspaper is a lot more than this---and when was the last time you saw a story in a corporate newspaper that "drilled down" and actually gave you enough information to make an informed opinion about an important issue? 
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