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Just Wanted to Say Thanks!
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Hey, it feels good to contribute!  No amount too small, just a show of gratitude for the great content produced and the satisfaction of know that you helped make this possible.
Have a drink on me!
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With this it's like buying Gumby the beverage of his choice (these days it tends to be more coffee than anything but I'm not adverse to the occasional brew).  You've also unlocked some subscriber only benefits including bonus content.  Cheers!
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Hey Big Spender!  Thanks so much for even considering this.  Cheaper than the alternatives, I'll try to be twice as entertaining.  In addition to bonus content, get to participate in polls on what content should go up next.  
Private Lessons
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Well this was a big jump up, but what you are getting here (aside from a giant thank you) is more interaction with Gumby including an up to 30 minute critique of your own footage (per month), technique analysis of yourself or maybe a breakdown of an opponent.  
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Corporate Sponsorship Package.  Get a thank your, your logo at the end of each video and a link to your page, along with a not so subtle praise from yours truly on how cool you actually are for your support.