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We Value
2nd Amendment Rights

Our Goal is to Educate, Encourage & Support 2A Projects
We create Podcasts, 
Websites, Online 
Communities & More

Our Projects:

Gun - network of Firearms Websites, Blogs and Social Media Accounts

2A History Project Skills & Resources for
Second Amendment Advocates and 2A Activists
A place to Learn & Share Information and Skills
for Getting our 2nd Amendment messages out there

Every 2nd Matters - Awareness of the Second Amendment
encouraging participation in LIVE conversations about 2A on the 2nd Day of Each Month 
2A Activist Community @

Daily Gun Show - Join the Conversation About Guns
Each Weekday since May 2016
over 1,180 episodes and still going
Midnight EST, (9pm PST)

AK47 Buyers Guide - We create resources about the Kalashnikov
Websites, Books, Videos, Collections, Tours, Research & More

Gun Show Loophole Tour - We Travel to look at 2A in the USA
Over 60,000 miles, 23 States, 200+ Gun Shops
Sharing Gun Shows, Firearm Museums & Gun Collections
we offer a unique and interesting perspectives on guns

Why Subscribe?

Build pro 2A content with us
We produce content for our viewers and the future, rather than sponsors
We create our projects LIVE, and invite you to join in our conversations
Patreons can download .pdf versions of or Gun Books
Help us reach our goals

Our goals:
  • To Promote our Second Amendment 
  • To create Pro-2A Content (a LOT of it)
  • We will encourage & enhance others 2A efforts

How we reach our Goals:
  • We build 2A Community by creating Gun Friendly places online
  • We produce numerous 2A Podcasts consistently
  • We try to release at least one video per day per channel 
    (we have a Gear Channel too)
  • To create & share firearms related information & research on our websites regularly
How can $1 or $3 help? 
Anything you can pledge adds up, and helps us do what we have done for more than a decade, and eventually MORE of it !!

What will we do with the money?   
We will use these funds for 2A Projects, website Hosting, travel, server upgrades, new equipment, and special guests, etc to make our content production better.
We also send out "thank you" perks and pay fees & taxes.

Any Guarantee?   Yes
Pledges are collected each month, AFTER you've seen what we posted
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You only pay if you were 100% satisfied 

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We appreciate all of our new supporters and those that have supported us over the years.

You are here, that means you have thought about the time and effort that goes into what we do, so Thank you. 

Extra Benefits?    
Number of views, visitor counts and subscriber lists don't mean as much to us as the interaction we have with you, the fans of our work. Supporting us directly, gives us a motivation only real interest could inspire.

We greatly appreciate your financial support.
Thank you

187 of 350 patrons
2A History Projects
  • Continued Research and Presentation the Gun Laws & their History in the USA
  • Outline, Compare and Interview the Gun Owners Rights Groups
  • Interview Key Players in the 2A Community
Thank You !!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 132 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 132 exclusive posts

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