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2nd Annual Podversary PromoSpecial Offer • 18 days left
Limited-edition pin commemorating 2 years of MSB and the beginning of our 3rd Season.




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Hi! We're Nina and Thom, and we want you to watch Gundam with us.

Mobile Suit Breakdown is a weekly podcast analyzing Gundam - from 1979 to today. One new fan (that's Nina) and one lifelong mecha lover (Thom) provide an episode-by-episode companion guide to the sprawling franchise that is both accessible to new fans watching Gundam for the first time AND deep enough to help long-time Gundam fans see their favorite show in a new light. We are going to cover every single episode, movie, and short (more than 400 solid hours of anime!) in the order they were made.

But we don't just talk about the episodes. We research the real-world science, history, culture, series lore, and production staff drama from the mega-franchise's humble beginnings 40 years ago through to the present day. We dive deep into colonies and characterizations, film influences and fashion trends, sponsor interference, artistic rivalries, gender, war, and much much more. We share what we find and the questions that still keep us up at night. Plus we bring in special guest hosts like physicists, combat choreographers, voice actors, and Gundam lore experts to share their unique perspectives on Gundam.

We want your ideas and perspectives, too. We want to be a place where Gundam fans new, old, and not-yet can share their deep thoughts and ask their hard questions. 

The work we do is time consuming and it's just the two of us working full time on this podcast. We do all the research, writing, recording, editing, publishing, and promotion for Mobile Suit Breakdown ourselves. We love it, but we need your help to keep doing it.  

Gundam is not all good, but it's wild, deep, and vast - and worth exploring! Let us be your guide, and let's get lost together. 

$2,438.20 of $3,000 per month
At $3000 per month, we will be able to have podcast episodes transcribed, improving accessibility! We will have both regular and bonus content transcribed going forward.
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