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About HAPPYstreetDJ

Hi there!

My name is Jeremy, I’m the HAPPY street DJ!

Thanks for visiting my site, I’d like to give you more information on who I am, what I’m doing, & most importantly how & why you can help, & get involved! 🙂

I’m not crazy, I’m not lazy, I’m not homeless & I’m not HOPE-LESS....But i am HOPE-FILLED!

I’m chasing a dream of simple ULTIMATE HAPPINESS,

I’m honestly nobody special ...but the experiences in my life have brought me here, & now I hope to build a lifestyle on the foundations of spreading love & positivity to as many people as I can!

It’s true I don’t play an instrument, I’m not a professional singer, & yes I dance like it’s still 1996!
BUT, just like a clown, I know how to make people smile!...& perhaps dress like one just a little bit too!

Most importantly I LOVE MUSIC, & just like your favourite radio station, I want to lift people’s mood & hopefully get them singing, dancing & feeling good, if only for just a passing moment!

I can’t say what I’m doing is going to change the world, but I’m taking a chance on myself & believe what I can do, has as much value as an employee for a business, building productivity & increased motivation for their team!

We live in a digital world where we are all becoming disconnected with each other, but we are also now starting to live in a shared economy where a even a stranger on the street somehow can impact positively on a businesses success!

This is my goal. Yes, I have a personal dream. & as hard as I try, I can’t live simply off air, but...I can so graciously give & then even give just a little bit more. ❤️

I’m hoping to get a slice of corporate Sydney behind me...literally!
I created a #selfie banner for folk to take a happy snap of me with. (YES, people for some reason enjoy filming & snapping me!)
& with the simplest of appreciation, I want to offer a chance for local businesses to get in the picture too!
I’ve added blank clouds that I can offer to add a corporate logo or name to, it’s a small gesture of thanks I can give that hopefully grows day by day & like most things on the internet, goes viral too!

The truth is, I don’t care to be famous, or a millionaire, I just want to be that colourful guy on the corner of George street that people see everyday & puts a smile on your face.

That’s quite simply the lifestyle I’m hoping to build for myself, & that’s why I’m
hoping if you are reading this, why the next button you press should be SUPPORT! 😉

I am a human too tho & I can chat!
Like any business investment I encourage communication, so feel free to hit me up for a morning coffee...before my shift naturally!
Oh, & just in case your thinking we NEED this guy working for us! Just remember every other boss, HR manager & CEO, is probably thinking the same thing! 🤣

Thank you soooo humbly for your time and compassion.

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