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About Simon Thomley

I'm Simon Thomley, better known to some as "Stealth", or by the name of my business, "Headcannon". I've been a software developer for a long time, and have created and participated in a multitude of personal projects, as well as having worked under multiple contracts with Sega on the Sonic the Hedgehog brand (Note that anything else that I do is neither as an agent of any other party with which I have ever worked, nor is it in any way endorsed by those other parties)

Some of my current projects include:

  • Headcannon Game Engine - A versatile, multiplatform 2D Game Engine with development utilities, freely-available for non-commercial projects!
  • Fantastic Franklin - A wacky puzzle-platformer in which you have to guide an egg safely through various hazards. Planned to feature a level editor!
  • Vertebreaker - A fast-paced 2D action game starring a Skeleton who uses the spine of a demon as both a weapon and grapple with bungee line effects!

When I can, I also like to do freely-available hobby stuff, some examples of which you can find on the Headcannon website in the sub-section for my hobby projects, as well as on my Youtube channel

And, speaking of Youtube, I also create videos and live streams dedicated to video games and video game development! Some subjects/formats may include, but are not limited to:

  • Let's Plays
  • Game Reviews
  • Other Software/Item Reviews
  • HCGE Tutorials
  • Other Programming Tutorials (Ex: C, M68K Assembly)
  • Tech Explanations (Ex: Tech aspects of classic hardware/games)

  • Gameplay Streams
  • Coding Streams(? Possibly)

Finally, I am also offering testing/coding/feedback services as described in the Patron tier listing to the right!

Why are you using Patreon?

I love what I do, but it takes time, and time costs money. When you subscribe to my Patreon, you are buying me that time. Your patronage allows me to spend more time creating content for everyone to enjoy, and at a high enough level, will allow me to spend some time helping others as well!

My goal is to work on my projects and content full-time. Do you like what I do? Then please consider helping me continue to do it! Each dollar frees up a small portion of my time, and they all add up!

That said, if another sufficiently-desirable opportunity presents itself, I may take another contract job (and thus, temporarily diminish or suspend personal projects, videos, and services). In that case, you should feel free to reduce or delete your pledge for its duration as you see fit. Any funds I receive from Patreon while on a contract will be considered "a tip" (given specifically to myself), and will add up to emergency funds and additional resources to use when my own projects resume (Note that these contracts tend to generate one-time payments - I don't receive recurring "royalties"/"commission"/etc)

Want to send a one-time tip through PayPal? Use my AOL email address "MStealthA", and still receive the appropriate rewards as described on this campaign! Can’t contribute right now? That’s ok, just share the link to this campaign to help spread the word!

What else have you got?

Aside from my website and Youtube channel, don't forget to also follow me on twitter, and for older informational text dumps, see also my tumblr! I also have a Discord Server for support and discussion regarding any of my projects!

If you want more content in the form of particular articles/videos/streams, let me know; I'll see what I can do if it keeps you guys pledging!
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