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Honesty is the way to go in my option, I'm going to tell you why I have started this and I'm going to be brutally honest with what I say here...

I'm a young teen and my desire is to be a property developer, I have been researching for almost 2 years now on property development and strategies and I'd now like to move into the scene, I have looked at multiple properties in the last 2 months and I've found multiple good houses which I would love to develop, I spoke to my banker who is happy whit what I'm trying to do and he has advised me to get at least a 25-30% down payment so I can go on with the BTS Mortgage, Currently I have 15% down and need an extra 10-15%. I have all the contacts I need, I have developers on the standby, an accountant, banker and adviser. I really want to go into this scene as it's my dream and it will make my parents proud, I just cannot right now due to money reasons, I just don't have enough to start.  I've also got a job, Not a very good one as I'm still young and the pay is low, I also sell things online to keep money coming in when I don't have work, I'm trying my hardest and I'm trying Patreon to see if it can help a bit or a lot. 
If you do give anything, small or big, It will be greatly appreciated and it will help me get to my goals and dreams. Thank you.

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