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For pledging just a dollar you will get an exclusive spot on our website's homepage, thanking you for your support!
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For pledging $5 you will get special recognition in our Discord Server through your own unique tag! + All of the Above
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For pledging $10 you will get free entry into one of our paid entry tournaments each month! + All of the Above




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Hearth Gaming League is an established event provider for Hearthstone known for it's daily tournament series and monthly league. By becoming our patron, you are allowing us to continue hosting Hearthstone tournaments and rewarding prizes each month! Our goal is to make Hearthstone more accessible, more competitive, and even more fun! And by becoming a patron, you are allowing us to continue to host these tournaments and improve the player experience!

Why Should I Become A Patron?
Becoming a Patron allows us to continue to host our daily Hearthstone tournaments and to continue to reward awesome monthly prizes to our league's top finishers!

Why Does HGL Need Prize Support?
HGL admins works hours everyday to provide the best tournament experience possible. However, they also supply the monthly prizes for our leagues out of their own pockets. Unfortunately this is a lot on our admins and look to the community for some additional support which would allow us to continue rewarding awesome prizes each month!
$0 of $200 per month
If we can reach this goal we will be able to guarantee awesome monthly prizes for our finalists!
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