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is creating Scholarship funds for Music Therapy Services

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Seedlings are our starter tier. For the cost of a mildly fancy coffee drink, you can help give our scholarship fund a little boost!

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Sprouts are our middle tier. $25 a month will help reduce the cost of our music therapy services 

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Roots are our top tier donors. $120 a month will cover the cost of one individual to receive music therapy services FREE of cost each month.

For donating this amount, you will receive a Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services tumbler




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Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services has been providing music therapy and early childhood music opportunities to families and individuals in Jackson, MI since June 2006. We also provide services in Kalamazoo, Lansing, Chelsea, Grass Lake and Hillsdale/Lenawee County.

Many of the families who come into our office for music therapy services have special needs. These families often have to private pay for music therapy services because there are not many insurance providers that cover music therapy. This Patreon account is set up specifically to help families who need a scholarship to attend our music therapy programs. We want to be able to offer more scholarships to families and hope that you will want to help us do that as well!

  • $120-180 per month is what the average family pays for weekly individual music therapy sessions 
  • $145 per month is what our Day Program families pay to attend our 3hr weekly respite group for adults and teens with special needs
  • $100 will fund an infant/toddler/young child 7 weeks in our inclusive early childhood program
  • $200-$290 will fund one of our campers for our Day Program Camp or the New Song Music Therapy Camp
It doesn't matter the amount you can pay, even the smallest $5 donation monthly will help in the long run. Find out more about music therpay and Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services: https://hgmusictherapy.com/about/harmony-garden-music-therapy/

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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