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HOAX is an ongoing curatorial project dedicated to giving a print, digital and IRL platform to work that exists at the intersection of art and creative writing.

HOAX was formed in 2012 to examine the evolving, creative use of text, and to be a good presence in an increasingly bleak art world. We have a particular focus on providing space for work by marginalised people, and believe that combining this with an innovative platform model means HOAX is always strong, dynamic, forward-thinking, interesting, relevant and contributes to social justice.

We went on to produce seven free-of-charge print editions, organising an event or exhibition to accompany each, and presenting original work online by over 130 international artists and writers, before going on hiatus in 2015.

In response to the global pandemic, we brought back HOAX at short notice in March 2020. It returned as an online-only platform showing art and writing, and supporting artists and writers during this difficult time. We ran a successful crowdfunder to do this—enormous thanks to all who supported this.

We’re now planning a full re-launch later this year. To do this, moving into a sustainable approach, we've launched a Patreon!

We will need to bring in around $100 through this a month to keep HOAX going.

If you think what we do is worthwhile and can spare some change ($1-$5) a month, join our Patreon supporters network and we'll keep bringing you new online work weekly. We'll send you every print issue, and of course make sure you're the first to hear about our events and exhibitions.

We pay all of our contributors, and each print issue of HOAX costs us a lot of money to produce and post to our stockists, but our pamphlet is always free-of-charge to ensure fair access and obtainability. Our entire funding comes through small, individual donations. As such, HOAX's existence relies solely on the support of those who share our principles, are excited by creative text, and want to see independent, artist-led projects like ours grow and flourish.

We would be very grateful if you would make a small monthly gift to us so we can continue growing, supporting artists and writers and providing a positive space in the arts.

Thank you!

Founder and Curator, HOAX

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