Hannah Rothstein is creating Internet-Viral Art

Intro Supporter

$1 /creation
I'll send you thanks using telepathy.

Leveled-Up Supporter

$5 /creation
For the cost of a subway ride across town, you get:

- Everything above

- Listed as a supporter on my site

Jet-Set Supporter

$10 /creation
For the cost of one lunch at a cafe, you get:

- Everything above

- A small batch of cards, stickers, or other such swag related to my new project

Upper Echelon Supporter

$35 /creation
As an Upper Echelon Supporter, you get:

- Everything above

- One stepped-up piece of swag, like a tote or mug

The Aristocracy

$100 /creation
As part of The Aristocracy, you'll receive:

- Everything above

- One small, signed, limited-edition print from my new project