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About Hal Duncan

Hi, I'm Hal Duncan--no, wait, I mean I'm THE.... Sodomite Hal Duncan!! (sic) so named by a lovely piece of homophobic hatemail from one whose... linguiphilia, shall we say, shone through in their exuberant overuse of excess capitalisation and spurious punctuation. Scotsman, smoker and certified citizen of New Sodom, I'm likely known best to you, if you're noseying around here, as a scribbler of strange fictions and verse.

For those of you new to my work though, who am I? Well, I'm the author of the World Fantasy Award nominated VELLUM, described by Lucius Shepard as "the Guernica of genre fiction," and the sequel INK, along with a whole bunch of novellas (see ESCAPE FROM HELL!), short stories (see SCRUFFIANS!), poems (see SONGS FOR THE DEVIL AND DEATH), essays (see RHAPSODY), sadly as yet unfilmed screenplays (see WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT), and even the odd musical or two (see NOWHERE TOWN and SODOM! THE MUSICAL). I've won awards, even judged a few. I've been a full-time writer now for ten years, but let's just say that when your most successful work is best described as "literary cubism" it's not exactly the fast-track to the life of Riley. When your latest projects are an anarcho-socialist détournement of the Gospels and a gay porn sci-fi retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson's KIDNAPPED, you need to find support outside the industry of commercial fiction, to keep the wolves from the door while you trust your crazy muse to take you where it will.

And that's where you come in, me scamps and scrags, scallywags and scofflaws.

If you've read my fiction or my poems, you'll know how important the sound of it is, the voice of the narrative, the rhythms of the verse. I've done a lot of spoken word over the years now, and I give good readings, if I do say so myself, but I'm in Glasgow and you're... very probably not. So, what I thought I'd do with this Patreon is offer you a chance, wherever you are, to hear the stories and the poetry performed. If you can't come to a live gig to watch me slip into the role of Gobfabbler and recount a heartwarming tale of gruesome goodwill like "A Scruffian Christmas," or open up and bleed for you, in best Iggy Pop fashion, with an intensely personal poem like "Wake," why, I'll bring the show to you!

The plan is, then, for me to record a video and MP3 of a reading, one short story or poem every month. My poems tend to the long form, by the way, so we're not talking some one-minute snack, but a juicy, meaty sonnet sequence like "Sonnets for Kouroi Old and New," a good ten-fifteen minute paean to the buttsex boys of ancient Greek mythology. Sign up as a patron, and you'll get exclusive access to the videos as they're added, to watch at your leisure, a spoken word gig in the comfort of your own home. A few more bucks in the tip hat, and you'll get a downloadable MP3, to listen to just as you would an audiobook. And at higher levels of patronage, I'll be looking to see if I can't reward your support with, say, a quarterly chapbook collecting the texts of the works released in that period, something similar to FABBLES: 1. And if the funding outstrips my basic goal, I'll be aiming to do this with brand new fiction too, so in any given chapbook there's something you can't get anywhere else.

So, if you fancy a wee monthly bedtime tale to soothe you to sleep with slaughter and mischief, or a rousing rebel yell of a poem to send you out of a morn with the Sodomite's vim and vigour in yer heart, all told with the growly gruffness of a guid Scots tongue, as they say, (but don't worry, I'll speak slowly and clearly for the international ear,) I'd be chuffed to bits by your support. Truth be told, no exaggeration, you'll be helping keep a roof over my head, food on the table and--most important of all--power in my laptop to keep doing what I do best.

You'll have my gratitude, you'll have my love, and most of all, you'll have my work.
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With just $300 per month, I'll be able to send the most vicious of the wolves at the door packing. Where I'm usually struggling at the end of each month to scrape together enough cash via freelance work that devours writing time, this would relieve that pressure big time by covering one big ass bastard of a cost.
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