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Check out my TUMBLR XD (tumblr is dead)
My Previous works are on GUMROAD XD

(I've only started putting some of my previous work there XD)
(I'm still gonna be active on twitter where I will post previews and all the commissions. Commission slots are full/unavailable!! XD)

Hiya! I like drawing NSFW stuff.

I love drawing and by doing this I'm not only earning money, I'm also improving my art and I want to share them to you guys. I also like to know what you think and have a say on what should I draw next.

I signed up here because I've thought that maybe I can make a living out of the thing I like most. Drawing.

Please be gentle. XD

Its all GAY and NSFW.
I also do animation .sometimes. (I'm making it a monthly thing now hahah)

How often do I post?
I'll just post whenever I finish XD

I want to hear from you guys. I you have any suggestions, feel free to message me. I need it haha

Thank You!

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Thank you so much for your support!!! Every Amount Counts XD

  • You will be able to see WIPs and some bonus art before I post them on my social media.

Tier 2
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  • 1 Image Set of the month
  • First Look at my Art/ Commissions a week or 2 before I post them on Tumblr.
  • REQUEST FOR THE PICTURE OF THE MONTH : Tell me your request on who or what you want me to draw. They will be voted on by all patrons in this tier.

Includes Discord rewards
Tier 3
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  • Tier 2 REWARDS
  • 1 ANIMATION (Flash/Gif) + Image set of the animated piece
  • SUGGEST AND VOTE FOR THE ANIMATION OF THE MONTH :  Tell me your request on who or what you want me to animate. They will be voted on by all other patrons in this tier.
Includes Discord rewards
$524 of $550 per month
WISH GRANTED (reached)

I will grant 1 request from a patron from Tier 2 and up with every $50 goal reached!!!
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