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As members to this Tier, you will get the content first before anything is posted to other formats.  Some content will not be posted to other platforms.  

This will also have a complete list of profitable picks for the week.

We are also offering a NFL Pick'em pool to members.  $20 each week is up for grabs to the member with the most correct selections.

Suggestions and Polls
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Our goal is to give quality content!  We want to hear what other die hard fans have to say.  

Since we are just starting out, we want to get the members involved with our creative process.  Let us know what topics you want to hear about, and we will select one per week to cover.  

We will also offer to post any video or Audio segment for our members and attach our responses.  This will make creating content more fun and interactive!  

Looking forward to chatting with everyone!




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About Half-Baked Sports

We are just a group of friends that enjoy talking about Sports, and can cover almost any topic from any sports.  Our goal is to create videos, podcasts, and funny segments to entertain and inform our members.  Ultimately we want to be a channel for fans by fans, so please send us any topic or event that you would like us to cover.  [email protected]
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When we reach 100 patrons, we will setup events once a week at local bars to interact with the fans in person!
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