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About Halo Quin

Welcome all misfits who know there is magic,
welcome all you who were told you were weird,
welcome all you who seek your true spirit,
welcome to all who have longed to be heard.

For we are the misfits who seek the deep magic,
we are the outsiders who long to belong,
in ourselves and a world which is blessed with wonder,
we move with the spirits who teach us to be strong.

For we are the witches, magicians, enchanters,
we are the ones who were told we were wrong.
So we’ll blend and we’ll brew up a sweet gift of Awen,
and find in enchantment that we have come home.

So welcome dear misfits, you’ll fit here with us,
and welcome the dreamers and outsider hearts,
in this teapot of magic we’ll brew up our wyrd
and learn how to be true to all of our parts.
My 25+ years of studying magic has given me wonderful gifts:
In a world that discourages authenticity: I know who I am, I know my heart and my spirit, my limits and limitlessness.
In a world that tried to keep me small: I have the confidence to stand tall as all that I am, to shape my life how I choose.
In a world that wants us powerless: I have the skills to do exactly that, crafting my own destiny.
And in a world where I am often an outsider: I finally belong.
I would love to support you in gaining these gifts for yourself too. Authenticity. Empowerment. Self-knowledge. Belonging.

TEA is my offering to the world, where I share tools to develop those skills with you, over a cuppa or two. In this academy you will find:
  • an ever expanding grimoire of magical knowledge
  • classes and courses to support your magical journey
  • meditations, poetry, and musings as spirit inspires!
  • There is also a small but mighty discord server if you'd like to join for monthly live chats and ongoing community support.
So, dear hearts...

Do you too dream of a world filled with magic and wondrous beings, with possibility and beauty? Of a gentle power that leads you along the right road, and strengthens you, filling you with courage and luck?

Do you wish to wield magic in your own hands?

Are you looking for somewhere to belong?

In an uncertain world, magic brings hope. Experience of the otherworldly brings companionship and guidance. Life is full of signs and support, of spirits and possibility, and of power to shape our lives to our own hearts' desires.

In TEA we build relationships with the otherworld, we learn from the spirits, we uncover our hearts' desires and the path to them. We strengthen ourselves and find our home.

In TEA we choose magic.

Will you join me?
Magic is first and foremost practical. If you choose to put it into practice you will see results. 

I like to offer as much as I can for free, so in becoming a Patron here you will be supporting the creation of an online resource for many pagans and witches, as well as getting access to the writing early and various bonusses each month. depending on your tier.

Lessons, exercises, suggestions and tips for practical magic to improve your life and put enchantment into your hands.
Poetry, short stories and other fiction that expresses the magic in our world, to bring a sense of enchantment into your heart.
Pondering on magic and theories as to how magic works, to enchant your mind. 
And the knowledge that you're supporting a witch in doing her work in the world to bring enchantment to more people so we can all do our bit to make the world a better place. 

The world is a beautiful and challenging place, full of enchantment and struggle and possibility. The tools of magic are one way in which we can strengthen ourselves and conjure more of what's good into the world and our lives. My life is better for the magic I've learned and I want to share that with you through story, writings about magic, and practical things you can do.

A few years ago I found myself standing in the doorway of a rune caster seeking my mission in life. After the runes he asked if I wanted to know what he'd seen as I walked in the door... Of course I did. 
"A shining being pressed a golden quill into your hand and whispered in your ear: Write." 
As a child I devoted myself to the Faery Queen... And she had me write a path to enchantment. 
I met Cerridwen who sent me on a journey... I landed in West Wales... And the stories sang through the land, so I learned them, worked with them, and wrote them down for other pagans to find their way. 
I set out to find faeries... and they sent me goblins. The Goblins insisted we set up a circus. And the Goblin Circus - a one woman, many goblin circus made of stories - came to be. 
I found myself face to face with an angel who swept me up on an adventure teaching what I have spent my life doing... And, importantly, writing it down. 
The spirits keep sending me back to the pen and the page and I have spent my life immersed in magic. If you enjoy my writings, enjoy my stories, enjoy learning about magic and hearing pondering on paganism, please consider lending your support to my work... 

Find my adventures, books, and classes here: www.haloquin.net

(changes to tiers coming soon...) 

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