Hambone is creating The Deathworlders

Dizi Rat

$1 /creation
A tiny, explosively fragile purple ball of derp.

Thank you! This tier grants access to patrons-only blog posts here on Patreon, and I will collectively thank all Dizi Rats in every chapter.

Squishy Xeno

$5 /creation
Fragile, but sapient

Welcome to the the Interspecies Dominion! As an associate member, you are invited to join the text channels on the Deathworlders Discord server.

Friendly ET

$10 /creation
Still squishy, but good for a conversation at least.

In addition to Discord voice access, pledges at this level or higher will be thanked in the Reddit thread whenever a new chapter is posted.


$20 /creation
Now we're talking! 

Pledges at this level or above will be thanked by name in each update on the Archive page, and in any future physical book copy of the Deathworlders. You have ...


$50 /creation
Fuck yeah!

In addition to being thanked as for a $20 pledge, at this level I will (with permission) find a way to insert your name or another name of your choosing into the story....