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About Hampyro Team

I Love Creating On YouTube...

I want to keep creating content on YouTube but unfortunately ad revenue just isn't consistent, currently there is no way that YouTube will pay the bills. If I were able to generate a certain amount of money, it reduces the amount of time I would have to spend working, more time to put into making videos!

I want to create some more ambitious projects, we have a couple of shows we're moving forward with which require a lot more prep work and production than anything we've previously made. YouTube wants multiple videos a week and that's not an option with the shows I want to make. Patreon helps with this issue massively!

Why set up a Patreon? Well, as proud as we are of our subscriber numbers we're still not huge, and by that I mean we don't make enough from YouTube to sustain ourselves, which means there is a limit to how much time we can put into YouTube at this stage. That tied in with the fact that YouTube ads are sort of in a weird place right now and we're not exactly PG. 

We would never lock our content behind a pay wall, this is merely for a little extra support and it's in no ways necessary for fans to donate money! Content will occasionally go up early to Patrons however. Basically this is just here for those who maybe have a little spare to help us out and allow us to create bigger and better things!

"What would the money go toward?" I hear you saying. Well first off, there are seven of us, and right now we don't make enough to split the earnings from YouTube. Money from this Patreon page will go towards the members of the channel allowing them to contribute more time to making videos! Secondly, we have a shopping list of equipment that we've gradually been trying to acquire over the past few years, things like cameras, mics, lighting etc. We have every intention of picking these items up but Patreon would help speed up the process, allow us to build and create more ambitious content. Finally, any and all donations brought in through Patreon go towards real life expenses, which maybe means we can work less on other things and devote more time to the YouTube channel.

Anyway, like I said, the content will be going out on the channel either way, but to those who support us and maybe have a little to spare, if you're willing to donate we'd be so super appreciative! A huge thank you to those who are able to help!

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