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About Hana Kozy

Hello, my  B e a u t i f u l  snapping birbs!
My Korean name is Hana (하나), and I have a separate name for my American name due to privacy reasons. I grew up in a very cultural place where I have Korean culture and idealisms vs American mix culture with various foods/mannerisms, education, and idealisms.
I grew up to be a geek when I have a passion for art as a hobby and cosplay when I discovered it at the beginning of freshman high school. I have musical experience at an early age in middle school and I'm not gonna say that I'm a professional either... I have much to learn!

Like many of you, I am working on my PTSD, Depression, and Disassociative behavior. I'm only 19 years old, and I have a lot to go!
I am currently trying to save up for my facial surgery, mainly my lazy eye that requires ptosis correction as I am insecure about. 
I would very much appreciate if you could donate (even if it's a $1) that I need to save up for as I am aware there are waaaayyyy worse problems than just a simple ptosis correction and saving up for streaming/gaming setup for twitch/youtube. 
But I plan to use your support to not only benefit me, but as I grow with recognition with my passion, I wish to spread positivity to give benefit for others that may need help starting out, and very raw personality of my struggles and sharing with ALL of you. 
My instagram: Kozycoser (cosplay), Kozyphobia(art)
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This is for my gaming and streaming set up (Planning to get Razer setup) for my twitch stream and youtube videos!
WhY is RaZeR sO FrEakinG ExpEnSivE- I CaN't-
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