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About HanaLena Fennel

Thank you for subscribing to my patreon!

The whole core of why I launched this effort was one simple truth, one I hold very dear and very real:

I believe there should be more poetry in the world

Poetry, like all art, is community made into words. It is communication. Through tone and term and twist of words, something deeper than language is brought to life. An experience. A shared reality. That sense of "oh. you too, huh?"

After years of creating and sharing both prompts and poetry, I was introduced to Patreon and figured why not make it that much easier to bring more poetry into this world, just as I always believed there should be.

Again, thank you so much and I can't wait to meet you.

Prompt Example : 
Tell me 2 truths and 1 lie.
Make the lie a metaphor for one of your truths. Or combine the lie with 1 of your truths.

1) I was born in Oregon. 2) I talk too much. 3) I once ate a snake whole.

Snake Eaters
I placed his tongue on my own,
So he could lap up the water words that flowed.
The choking, 
as his lithe body struggled to navigate the rapids of my throat,
was inevitable.
He tells me now I was crying,
and the sorrow carved the path out too wide,
letting each word echo in the ruins of my ribcage.
Or it was the wind.
He never knows the difference.

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