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About myself: My name is Hannah Ray! I have been creating content /modeling since I was 16 years old, and I picked up photography when I was 23! I've always loved editing, taking photos. fashion and creating on both sides of the camera, its awesome to be able to combine a mix of everything together here :D - I've been blessed with some amazing opportunities using these skills, including music photography for bands and brands and even touring/working in the gaming industry for a few years.

Why i'm here on Patreon: Here on Patreon you guys make my dreams a reality! With your support here i'm able to take everything I do to the next level and create better content and products for you guys in return 

Patreon FAQ:

When / How do I get my rewards: Digital photo set rewards are posted throughout the month and then a recap list of links is messaged personally at the very end of the month in case you missed anything. Physical print rewards are mailed out shortly after the first of the new month.

How many sets do we get a month:
There is content for all! The higher the tier the more content /sets. I try to do a few for each tier though < 3

Do you do nudity:
I do not do any nude shoots or adult content.

Private instagram access:
Send me a message here on patron and i'll give instructions for private insta.

Past photosets are available: HERE
If theres one you want that you don't see listed. message me and I will add it :)

📌PSA📌: Any inappropriate comments/interactions or misconduct will not be tolerated and result in blocking.




If you wish to see me shoot in a cosplay or outfit from my wishlist / want to send something that's not on amazon info is below <3

P.O Box / Street address:
Hannah Ray
925 w baseline rd, suite 105 #S5
Tempe, AZ 85283

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Gumroad: to purchase older photosets

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Thank you for being here and supporting, may not seem like a lot but it helps!

Even just giving $1 here helps us reach out number goals of patrons as well :)

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Updates and previews of content to come that month

Mini photo set each month and sometimes extra sets and throwbacks

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Updates and previews of content to come that month

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138 of 150 patrons
Once we reach this goal will be shooting stuff like this for tier 7 ($60+) Doing sexy or lingerie stuff isn't really my thing but I do love cute Asian fashion stuff like this, so count it as kind of a "themed sexy version tier" ? one step up from the themed / cosplay shoots.

First photo here is a shoot thats allll ready to be unlocked as soon as we reach this goal :D the other photos are references for similar things I want to shoot in the future <3

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