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About Hans Rueffert

Chef, author, speaker, advocate and survivor, Hans Rueffert is known by many titles, but his favorite title is perhaps “teacher.” A natural-born communicator, Hans has a rare ability to inspire others to push themselves to be their very best and to, "live like there's no tomorrow!"

Diagnosed with Gastric Cancer in 2005 just two weeks after taping the finale of the Next Food Network Star, Hans traded in his “Celebrity Chef” status in exchange for “Cancer Survivor.”

Never one to slow down, following his diagnosis and multiple subsequent surgeries, Hans has continued to share his talent in the kitchen with thousands.

Hans is motivating and engaging; his endless knowledge and love of food coupled with his personal struggles with post-treatment life are an ongoing source of inspiration and interest. Hans enriches the lives of those he meets and inspires the lives of those he reaches across multimedia channels.

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