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A regular monthly contribution of just £1 will go a long way to help pay my annual web-hosting fees and allow further features to be added in future updates. Thank you
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A regular monthly contribution of £3 will really help offset my annual costs, not just for web hosting, but email and internet costs I incur as county recorder for Hampshire. It will also provide momentum to invest more time in generating content for the site and provide some compensation for the hours spent answering queries, and validating the 100,000+ records we receive in Hampshire every year.
  • Web-hosting and general upkeep costs support
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About Hantsmoths

I first created the Hantsmoths website in 2003 as a 'pet project', somewhere to store my growing portfolio of moth photographs taken in my garden. Over the following two decades it has grown to be one of the most visited county-based mothing websites, not least Flying Tonight which has been copied by a number of other sites (no royalties unfortunately!) and has a user base not just in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, but across the country and even further afield.

However, as someone who is a full-time IT project manager, parent and keen cyclist and duathlete, I face considerable time pressures, with finding time to update the website becoming increasingly difficult, and web hosting costs rise annually as content increases.

I have been asked whether there is any way that my investment of time in Hantsmoths can be rewarded, and I am therefore setting this account up to provide that means. I am not looking to 'monetise' Hantsmoths in any way, although annual contributions will offset the cost of web hosting and provide a continuous incentive to keep the site updated. I may however be able to reward generous donors (!) with more personalised feedback.

Thank you for looking in


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$10(~£8) a month will fully fund my current annual hosting fees!
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