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Hello, you've made it here, and you giving an attention to my art project, that's great. You are supporting me and that is huge! 

I really appreciate your willingness to make a donation on regular basis, you make this art project possible.

Thank you! 

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Thank you for your interest and kind support! 

- As a patron you can get 3 original drawings of your choice per year (..first come, first served, just send me a message)

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It's not patron-only closed group. At the same time by becoming the patron you will help to make the daily artwork possible. Your support and generosity is very valuable and deeply appreciated, 

Thank you!

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  • The drawings will be on thick watercolor hand made paper The paper will be from traditional czech manufacturer of natural hand made paper. They have been producing hand made paper since 1596! 
  • Combined technique of  watercolor, pencil and ink   
  • Plus, if it's not too much and you would like, you get 3 regular daily drawings of your choice as a gift 

Thank you for your support!




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About Petr Budil

Hello and Welcome!

This is a place/site for those who like Hanuman and for those who like to support Hanuman TODAY artwork. 
Few years back, (..2014!) I've made a commitment to create/deliver a fresh, new drawing of Hanuman every day. I love drawing Hanuman, I draw a picture of Hanumanji every day and I didn't miss a day since 2014. Each drawing is created at the same day that it is being posted, it’s not drawn upfront and automated.. the point is to slow down every single day for 30 minutes, tune in, remember and connect with Hanumanji, also to create positive habit, steady routine no matter what the shifts and curves of life may be.

All the drawings are free and available on the website or on Pinterest .
All the above mentioned artwork is work of Love, more than 90% of the drawings are donated to charitable cause and to support humanitarian work. I sell few of the drawings every year, but it doesn't even cover the cost for the art supplies. At the beginning, when i start making it, I thought that I would be selling each drawing, but than it started affecting the creative process. I was thinking too much about what to draw so it would sell, instead of putting love and devotion into each piece, so I stopped doing it. 

The Hanuman TODAY subscribers list has been growing and now it got to a point that I have to start paying for the mailing services so I can deliver daily drawings via email to all subscribers. 
I love doing this project, and don't hesitate to put time, effort and finances into making it happen. At the same time, I've started  thinking recently how to make it more sustainable. 

Some time ago I ran across the Patreon platform and I love the concept. The idea  is to support the artist so they can do their artwork exactly the way they want to, without the commercial pressure. 
This short video may explain better ..What is Patreon 
Basically this is how it works: if you choose so, you give Patreon your paypal contact and you are charged $5 ( or more if you like too) every month to support the creating of the Hanuman TODAY artwork and related art-making expenses. 

Hanuman TODAY project has been and still is a challenging, exciting and inspiring process and I'm not planning on stopping it. There is so much more room to grow, to discover and to improve!
Thank you for your patience, kind attention and support!

Jai Hanuman!
Petr Budil 
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When I reach 20 patrons goal, I will be able to buy the art supplies that I like and that will make the artwork better 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 98 exclusive posts
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