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About Happy Gaming

Hey there everyone, I'm Brian Baldwin and in 2016, I started a podcast about video games.

I'm really new to the whole podcast world, but I've always enjoyed the concept. The discussion of specific topics unique to the individual's tastes is a cool thing. Growing up, I played a lot of video games, and to this day, I do as well. I took my first steps with a Super Nintendo controller in hand, had wonderful adventures on snowy days with the PlayStation 2, took my Xbox over to friends' houses before we could play online together, and got a PS3 just to play the new Final Fantasy that would come out on the PS4 instead. I enjoyed almost every minute of all these moments in time. The landscape has changed very much from when I was a kid, but games are still a wonderful medium for a lot of reasons and bring lots of joy to many different types of people. 

It seems optimism is coming harder and harder to come across these days though. Cynicism is much more easily created and spread in today's society. We deal with a lot of problems today, be it societal, economical or social. One typically will play games to get away from these problems, but sometimes our added bitterness can follow us there to these realms of missed heartbeats and breathless excitement. It can be extremely and dangerously simple to completely and immediately disregard something that could hold a lot of value and joy in an age where we have access to everything at out fingertips. 

Happy Gaming is a podcast I created to look past these shortcomings. I personally enjoy playing video games, and I know many others do too. While I don't enjoy everything out there, I want to make it my personal duty to look out for and try to find the good in whatever I play, because everything deserves a chance and a shot, and everything has something unique and entertaining to it.  Now is your chance to help this podcast grow and spread some positive vibes to others. I'm no expert, I just have my own opinions and thoughts that culminated from my personal history and experiences, and so do many other people. But I think we can all be gracious, and grateful for what we have and what we play, and share our excitement with professionalism and respect.

I hope to cover all sorts of games out there, as well as cover other topics involving things such as game genres, soundtracks, controls, and other finer points that we hardly take into consideration. Games are a very special medium, and we can all enjoy these wonderful pieces of interactive entertainment regardless of where we come from or what we grew up playing. 

Happy Gaming currently has three episodes up with more on the way. Please subscribe on whatever podcast service you use, be it Itunes, be it Podcast Addict (so long as it's not Spotify, they use a different RSS feed structure). No matter if you're on IOS, Android or PC, Happy Gaming should be available to you to download. I do this in my free time while I work full time, and would love the support of fellow, like minded people who enjoy games, but also enjoy the discussion without resorting to what is better, or pointing out flaws. Let's all have a good time and enjoy the discussion!
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