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  • Patreon feed access to news and important updates.
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  • All previous stuff 
  • Early access to all games - get direct download links before public. 
  • Special patreon passwords for use in game to gain money, experience, unlock stuff, when avaliable, etc.
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  • All previous stuff
  • Your name or username will be in the credit page.
  • Participate in content polls to decide game scenarios, characters, animations, etc.
  • Special HD rendered images and comics - characters backstories, stories with customers.
  • Development experimental stuff.
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If you donate at least $100, We will put your company logo, website logo, or personal logo into all Hardcore Pink games before the menu screen, and acknowledge you as an official sponsor.

Note: The player will be able to tap a button to skip past your logo. Your logo may have to share the screen with other logos.

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Not An Actual Tier.