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* JUST ANOTHER TITANIC TUESDAY -- Darkstar from the universe realizes after meeting a happier version of himself that he wants more out of life than to be the King of the World. He wants to be happy.

* HEROES & VILLAINS: NAVEL GAZING -- Messing around with the first novel of H&V, this story game includes the full novel of "Heroes & Villains" as well as an alternate-genderbent version that's still romantic af.

* FORTUNE'S BOLT -- A sci-fi/fantasy story game where the choices made effect genre, gender, romantic partner, and even whether the main character remains the main character.




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About Harper Kingsley

Fiction, photography, essays, poetry, illustrations, and pop culture

I write science fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction, visual novels, and poetry.

I photograph nature, buildings, kittens, puppies, cats, dogs, bunnies, birds, my artwork, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

My humor is acerbic on my better days, downright obscure on my worst, but I'm assuming always funny.

Things I like: cats. bees. honey bees (das beste!). tiny tomatoes. strawberry daiquiris. pina coladas. dancing with naked mole-rats in the rain. deep red. dark blue. purples and greens. hannibal the tv show. it's always sunny in philadelphia. the grim adventures of billy and mandy. chowder the tv show. fancy hand fans. ponytail radish kimchi. red jello. chocolate. gimme chocolate by babymetal. dune. riddick. dredd. the secret of nimh. corky romano. refrigerator magnets. the far side by gary larson. terminator the sarah connor chronicles. harry potter. crossovers. peacocks. quail. unicorns. cartoon rainbows. funny mugs.
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