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is creating Podcasts that debunks the myths and lies of American History

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This program is an issues based news and talk format with a twist!

I take on the hot topic news and events of the day through the prism of the past. That's right the history of the news. You see despite it feeling like the world and America is constantly on fire, the truth is we've been here before. Many of today's hottest news stories have their roots in the past. And the issues of the day are much easier to understand and navigate if you understand their origin. When not doing the show I write and speak on American history. 

The truth is, whether you consider yourself Left or Right, Liberal or Conservative, or whatever. The majority of folks in America don't have all the facts when it comes to what this nation is all about. Our history books are full of falsehoods and outright lies. And this lack of understanding has morphed it's way into the national narrative and the mainstream press. No wonder it feels like the whole world is divided. The Michael Hart Show seeks to correct that everyday as the shows mantra is: 

"It's not a matter of Left versus Right...

                                              It's a matter of Us versus Them"

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Michael Hart is an issues oriented, solutions focused veteran Talk Radio host. Michael has been delivering high impact, informative, entertaining and sometimes controversial talk programming that cuts through the endless talking head chatter and gets right to the truth. Michael is the author of the American History book series UNKNOWN AMERICA, which destroys many of the most enduring myths in American History books. Yes pretty much everything you learned in school about America is wrong. And Michael firmly believes to understand the world around us and grasp the news of the day - it's absolutely imperative you know the facts of the past. It is for this reason Michael transitioned away from terrestrial radio to a web based broadcast. So that he could get to the nasty nitty gritty that most traditional broadcasters are too afraid to take on!

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