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You're a supportive person who is not looking for rewards and knows that every little bit helps!  

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-Access to Final Artwork!  See new pieces well before their release to the general public.

-A vote in occasional polls that can help steer the direction of future fanart releases!

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You want ALL of the art.  The sketches, the scribbles, the things soon-to-be.  The Tier Includes the Aficionado benefits, as well as:

-Every post unlocked!  Get a sneak peak of upcoming work, as well as possibly abandoned concepts, doodles, you name it.

- -The Highest Resolution Files for the artwork, available upon request!  Patrons are welcome to make personal physical prints of works for their own non-commercial use and enjoyment. 




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About Harwick

Hi There!  I'm Harwick, a fandom artist asking for your support! 

I've been in the art game for most of my adult life, and it's always been something of a struggle.  Jobs can be hard to chase down, and these days many companies would rather hire you as a freelancer that can easily be cut once the heavy-lifting of an art-project is completed, and that's not even taking into consideration the high-turnover rate of companies and projects that just aren't built to last for long-term employment.

But when art is what you love to do, you're still driven to create it and put it out there.  And so I've been doing that with my spare time, which ebbs and flows.  Everyone's dream in the art world is to be able to create what they love and still be able to, well... eat.  Sleep inside.  Afford health insurance, and maybe some internet to boot.  My situation isn't quite that dire (don't go looking to become a patron out of pity!  Honest, I'm okay), but how wonderful would it be to get that extra income to help smooth out the rough patches in life, all while drawing what I actually enjoy rather than the random art needs of others?  (I'm grateful for all work I get as an artist, but the truth of the job is that it's often long, long hours drawing very mundane things that won't get individual appreciation from any audience.)

And so, I'm belatedly joining this whole Patreon movement...  I've hesitated to ask for money in the past, because the things I draw and share for fandoms I do for my own enjoyment.  But, if you enjoy them as well, I would certainly appreciate any amount that you could spare as it would encourage me and allow me to create such pieces more often!

So if you think that the world could use a few more colorful flights of fancy added to it and like what I do, I would greatly appreciate your support!
$35.80 of $500 per month
Testing the Waters

My first goal as I feel my way through this whole process.  This would allow me to continue to create and share fan arts, while lightening the burden and time needed to devote for other work.  Every bit would help with day-to-day costs of living.  If I reach it, I'll be able to hopefully increase the ratio of creative works I produce each month!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts

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