is creating a Virtual Reality Game called Infinity Bow VR

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About Hassassin

Hello everyone, I'm Hassassin, thank you for visiting my page. I am currently working on an archery rail shooter called Infinity Bow VR. It is a Virtual Reality game that takes place predominantly in a space setting where the player is automatically thrust through action-packed levels in breathtaking Sci-fi environments, and an epic story with good/bad choices and alternate endings. The game is currently under development for the HTC Vive, however, it will also be available for all Virtual Reality platforms. If the demand is high enough, it will also be ported to non-VR platforms.

What kind of game is it?

It is a rail shooter with a Story Mode, Survival / Endless Mode, Online Multiplayer Co-op, as well as Local Multiplayer. There will also be Competitive Modes for Multiplayer. The game will be something akin to the old arcade shooters such as Galga, Raiden, Einhander, R-type, etc. Except, you are an archer in space in virtual reality. Don't worry it will all make sense once you play the game. To be honest, I am not aiming for super-realism in this game. This is not any sort of a scientifically accurate space simulator. The main goal of this game is to provide the player with Arcady, shoot-em-up, VR archery action, with awesome archery mechanics, in amazing sci-fi related environments. I am happy to say that it might be the first-ever archery game that takes place in space. I personally couldn't find any other. I think that it's pretty cool because it is hard to be the first-ever anything when it comes to video games.

The story takes place several hundred years in the future. A single human government does not exist anymore. The majority of humanity and other alien life has banded under various corporations. All major corporations have their own planets and territories and subject themselves to different laws. Some choose monarchy while others choose democracy. Many alien factions exist, some working with various corporations, some against, while most remain neutral. Everyone, in the end, has their own political agenda. The universe has become a much smaller place, with technology that allows for personal intergalactic travel. It is peaceful for the most part, mainly because the main powers that hold sway over most of the universe have outgrown destructive ideologies. Quarrels between factions are now settled through competition rather than warfare.

You are a space treasure hunter, belonging to a small neutral community. Upon returning from a job, you find your space station under attack. You fight your way through countless invaders, and eventually to discover that your loved ones have been massacred by an invading force of unknown aliens. You vow revenge against this powerful new alien threat. Where did they come from? What do they want? As the plot develops, and secrets are revealed you will be thrust into a journey of self-discovery. As people look to you for leadership against this new threat, will you be able to unite all the factions and lead them to victory? Many philosophical ideas will be explored. Morals will be questioned. Your choices will affect how the story ends.

Combat Mechanics:

In the game, you will shoot unique and colorful alien enemies, that you will battle by the dozens in very creative, breathtaking, scenic, space, and alien environments. You will be able to efficiently dispatch your enemies by the dozens with various arrow types such as long-range arrows, explosive arrows, and homing arrows, etc. Every arrow type will also have a special ability. For example, when pressing the trigger on the bow hand while having the homing arrows equipped, you will be able to target multiple enemies. The arrow types will also be upgradeable. The ammo for the special arrows will purchasable with in-game currency or obtainable from ammo crates.

Player Movement:

The player will be moving automatically through the level on a Hoverboard. However other mounts such a Space whales. Ethereal Rhino, Phoenix, or even a Unicorn will be unlock-able. Every mount will also have a unique special ability that will wipe out all enemies within a short-range.
(Note: I thought long and hard about whether I should allow player movement in the game or not. I ended up deciding against it. I think allowing the player to move around physically using room-scale rather than using locomotion would be a greater benefit and will provide a better overall experience because then I can really provide a more refined experience. Also allowing the player to move around will drastically increase the work making it that much harder thus consuming more time. Maybe if this game is a success and I can get a team, I would consider it for a sequel of the game.)

Player Abilities:
The player will have a final ultimate ability. Once it is activated the arrow will glow and the next shot you fire will be a super-fast Kamehameha type of energy wave will obliterate all enemies on screen. I am also playing with the idea of slow motion, and possibly even an ability that allows you to see slightly into the future, so you know to dodge that attack before it even comes. These abilities will be activated using some sort of energy that replenishes by killing enemies or obtaining power-ups.


The companions will shoot enemies for you, with an upgradeable cool-down period after every shot. They will also have health and can be damaged by you or the enemies. So you better try not to hit them. After they are dead u won’t have them for the rest of the level or until the next power-up. Each companion will also have a special ability that can be activated by the player.

There will be Multiplayer modes, a co-op mode for the Story and Survival. As well as some sort of competition mode. Ideally, I want up to 4 players to be able to play together at the same time. I also want to implement a way local non VR players can grab a gamepad or mouse or keyboard and participate in the game as well. Most likely this will be achieved by allowing the local players to take control of the companions. This effectively allows 4 people to play together on the same system. Each VR player can also go online with their local multiplayer sidekicks allowing for up to 16 people playing at the same time. This might be one of the harder features to implement, so it will probably be one of the last things I am going to work on. It is also likely that the demo will not have any sort of Multiplayer.

"Alien Probe"

"Cosmic Butterfly"

"Alien Crab"

Enemies will include Drones, Spaceships, Turrets, Mechs & Aliens. They will all be unique in their own way. The inter-dimensional aliens that you fight the majority of the time will have a colorful luminescence and very unique and alien-like physical features. A lot of them will be reminiscent of sea creatures, and a lot of them will just be totally out of this world.

About Me:
I have always wanted to make my own Video Game so here I am trying to get some support while making it happen. Every dollar will help with keeping the project alive. Even if I didn't get a dollar I would still be determined to complete this game, it would just take a lot longer. Making video games is something I have wanted to do my whole life. After becoming a father, I have a newfound determination to make a name for myself in the video game industry, as well as secure a future for my son.

I am pretty much making this game by myself while self-learning Unity Engine and Coding. I am also working on the original soundtracks, and will also be doing most of the voice acting in the game. That also includes writing the script. Needless to say, it is not an easy undertaking. I am very happy to say that I am making great progress by myself, but I still need your help. Even if you cannot support the game financially, you can still help by spreading the word and sharing the link to my Patreon page, and any other social media accounts to someone who might be interested. You can also help by offering any skills you have that may be useful to the game. I would especially appreciate any programming help, and would gladly put the name of all helpers in the credits.

I am hoping to have a fully polished version of the demo released in the coming months. The current demo version is available now for Patreon supporters. The full game would have 20 playable levels and a Survival/Endless mode. The story mode should provide you with 2-3 hours of gameplay. Ideally, I would like to add multiplayer co-op as well as some sort of competitive mode. I imagine it would take years by myself, half of that time with the proper funding to hire some help. I am going to try to procure the funding through Government Grants, Sponsors, Pre-sales, Patrons, and other Crowdfunding.

Are you a believer? If you are then I would be truly humbled, and eternally grateful if you help support the game. No, I don't expect you to give me money for free, that is why I am providing ample rewards for any level of support you can provide. I can assure you any money procured from Patrons will either be used to provide for my family or invested back into the game/company. Help Infinity Lens Studios grow and pave the way for a glorious future for VR gaming.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your support!

**Come hang out with me! At the beginning of March 2019, I will be on Twitch creating original concept art for the game in Mixed Reality on Tilt Brush. Come join me and be a part of the creative process. You can also join my other various social media accounts as well as Discord. So don't be shy, come say hi!**


Hello, I'm Hassassin, thank you for visiting my page. I am 33 years old, married to the love of my life, with whom I recently had a baby boy which has made me drastically re-evaluate my life. I thought to myself, what is the one thing I can do besides my current dead-end job inside the electronics retail market? I so desperately want to secure a future for my son and leave behind a legacy for him to be proud of. The answer was simple, I will start to do the one thing I have always dreamed of doing and achieve what I have always wanted above all else. I want to publish my own Video Game.

Ever since I was little have been an avid gamer from the Atari days. After I graduated from a Game design course from college I was stuck. After applying to various video game companies over the span of years and not getting anywhere I realized that this market is extremely over-saturated. There are too many employees but not enough employers. So I did various jobs and freelance gigs, such as web design, graphic design, photography, and videography. Even though I was creating, it wasn't exactly the things that I wanted. It was things that the client wanted. So I would just sigh and wish that I got that dream job at a nice video game company, take part in some awesome projects. Well, that has yet to happen so I here I am, taking matters into my own hands.

This wouldn't be my first time coming up with an awesome idea for a game. I have a hand full of unfinished design documents, game pitches, and incomplete concept artworks of games that I never even started. Something always seems to hold me back. I think it’s the fact that creating the documentation and concepts of a game doesn't actually leave time to make the game until way later. Although I have a college diploma in game design, I never learned how to code in that program as it was more focused on the art aspect of video games. So then you have to find other people to actually do the artwork and programming. Which most people aren't willing to do for free until the game makes money. Mainly because people don't have time for your projects, and are simply not as passionate about the game as you are. If the funding is sufficient I would love to hire another programmer and an artist.

So what is different this time?

This time I will have you! Also since I didn't want to fall into the trap of all this planning and writing, and potentially lose focus and interest, I said forget a design document and everything I am just going to start, so I did. I wanted to keep it simple and not get bogged down by endless features which would be impossible for me to implement by myself. My first thought was to create something simple like a roller coaster. The idea then slightly evolved with my need for interaction. Since I love archery games and they get a very positive response by players in VR, I decided that I want to make an archery game in VR. I feel like there is currently a lack of good archery games that have the features I want to see, so I searched the internet for tutorials on how to make a VR game. After running into a few outdated tutorials that got me stuck fairly early I finally found something that helped get me started by helping me set up a VR scene, and so I began my creation. I created, or downloaded and re-textured assets as needed. And continued my journey by starting to learn some coding. It is a long and perilous learning journey at the end of which I hope to come out as a better person in all aspects, so here I am now currently working on a Virtual Reality Archery game that takes place in space in hopes to make future for myself.

Why Space?

There are a few reasons. I absolutely love space and sci-fi in general. I love the way it looks, the mysteries it holds, the philosophical ideas related to space, and the stories that can be told in a cosmic setting have no bounds. It is the perfect place for me to tell the deep and thought-provoking story that I want, and have it resonate with the players for a long time to come. Also as far as I can tell there is no archery game currently available that takes place in space. So it would be quite unique and to be able to say that I created the first archery game in space ever would be a huge reward in itself.

But you are a noob!

Every great artist was a noob at some point, and many great ideas began as a scribble on a napkin. Become an early supporter, and be a part of the growth. One perk is that you can brag to your friends about how you are the reason this game even exists. Even though I am a noob I can assure I have the creative and artistic abilities required to make this happen. I also have the full intellectual capacity to learn every skill necessary, and the determination to see this through to the end. I also have a demo, which I made by my lonesome self, so I hope that helps alleviate your concern about the longevity of this project. I plan on seeing this through to the end, and I am never going to give up even if I get zero dollars.

But you don't even have a design document!

I have started working on the design document now for the full game and will soon start creating original assets. You as a supporter get in on the ground level and help provide feedback and suggestions to help guide the game towards its future glory.

How far along is the demo?

The demo is coming along nicely. It’s about 4 and a half minutes long introductory level, with 3 enemy types so far. I plan to add a few more things such as more enemy types and arrow types, in-game currency, a few unlockable skins, and upgrades. Then when I will get some of you to playtest the final build before I release the demo into the wilderness. Not sure exactly what the timeline is on that but hopefully soon within a few months. It’s a pretty decent playable demo already, it just needs a bit of polish. Of course, backers can have access to the demo right away.
Whoa, I can’t believe you made it this far. Here is a cookie.

Whoa I can’t believe you made it this far. Here is a cookie.

Thanks for reading!

$0 of $100 per month
We are finally getting the ball rolling.

Once I hit this goal I put a special "Thank You" message to the Patrons on the menu screen under the Infinity Bow VR title. The message will last until the next update.

Just one step closer to reaching my ultimate goal.
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