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Fan Support
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Pledging $1 gives you 24 hour advanced access to the latest updates and posts before the content goes live on the main website.

We don't want to ever rely on ads and we don't want to subject you to them because we love you. 

This level of support makes it possible to keep us ad free,  and gives you way you can keep ahead of the curve and keep your friends in the dark.

Everyone who supports us will be mentioned in a thank you in all published works.

Work in Progress
$3 or more per month 1 patron
Pledging $3 a month and you will get the above reward plus get a peek at the rough layouts and details of pencil work that goes into the current issue. These are updated regularly as I work  on upcoming pages.
Insiders' Look
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Pledging $5 and you will get all the above access plus pictures and video flip through of my sketchbook for that past month. These will include random thoughts, doodles, character art; and supports at this level will have access to Hi-Resolution Wall Papers available for download, released monthly.

You guys and gals can also submit questions you have for our monthly Q&A, we will pick the most common kind of questions if we get flooded and try to get as many answered as we can

Live Chat and Drawing Raffle
$15 or more per month 1 patron
Pledging $15 and you will get all the above access plus you are invited to join us for a live streamed art session, where Ross will make some stuff and Chris will be there too to chat and hang out.

You will also be entered in a monthly raffle to receive an original, unique 8 x 10 pencil drawing.
Commission Sketch
$30 or more per month 1 of 5 patrons
pledging $30 and you will get Early access, access to see WIP and character sketches and you can message me with a request to draw anything you like, you will receive a 8x10 original pencil drawing set to you.