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Haymaker is a popular fitness & self-defense gym in Chicago. 

We provide self-defense, martial arts, and strength training to anyone in Chicago, regardless of ability and income level. Our fitness is based on the principles of solidarity and mutual-aid. In the face of violent white nationalism, widespread poverty, and rising temperatures, we are building the strength to protect each other. We not only want to improve ourselves, but help create a new world along the way.

Help us keep our doors open to every person who wants to stand up for the fight ahead!
Thank you for building resilient and strong communities!

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We aim to break away from the commodification of health and fitness, which is why participation at Haymaker will always be free. But in order to cover costs, we need help from comrades and members alike. Our goal is to get enough monthly donors to reach $1200 in regular donations every month from comrades. Show your comradeship by pledging a monthly donation and you will materially ensure that Haymaker will stay so people can become strong for the struggle ahead.
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