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You own a parcel of land to call your own and do with as you like, within the laws of the land of course!

As a Landowner you can expect:
  • More in-depth behind the scenes content
  • Access to voice chat during live-streams, so you can be a part of the conversation
  • Access to Development Posts 1 week before they go live on the Website and Social Media
  • A Special Thank You in the game credits
  • Access to an exclusive section of the Discord for Patrons, where you'll find more in-depth discussions on the game!  We take the opinion of our patrons to heart, so you really do get to help shape the game!
Includes Discord benefits


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You grace the courts of the lands with your presence and tales of your exploits!

As a member of the courts you can expect:
  • All of the benefits of lower tiers
  • Early Access to the game
  • Full Access to all DLC and paid content*
*Paid content has not been finalized, but bear in mind that it will center around things that don't provide such a tangible gameplay benefits to player.  Paid Content will be focused on things such as vanity items, unique skins, and other appearance related content, as well as access to restricted areas of the game world.
Includes Discord benefits


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You are among the noblest of souls!

As a member of the Nobility you can expect:
  • All of the benefits of the lower tiers
  • Exclusive access to early alpha and prototype testing
  • A direct line to the development team.
  • Your mention in the credits will be listed as a Noble Patron
  • You will be work with the developers for creative input on content, be it a custom NPC, an event, special items, and more! (subject to developer approval).
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About F0lak

Who am I?
Hey there! I'm F0lak, and this is the Patreon page to support the development of my game, Hazordhu. Hazordhu is a fantasy role-playing game based in its namesake world. Players take on the role of anyone that they choose to be in this new world, which simply provides them with tools to role-play in a dynamic, wide-open and fully player developed land.

Making a game is a lot of work, and with a young family and having taken the game on full time, there's a lot of pressure to keep the lights on!  That's where this page comes in!  The money raised here helps me to be able to take extra time off work to be able to work on the game.  Who knows!  If I can raise enough through your generosity and kindness, I can work on the game full-time!

What is Hazordhu?Hazordhu is a Sandbox Building Game which takes place in the Low-Fantasy world of Hazordhu.  It's a multiplayer game with a focus on storytelling and community building.  In Hazordhu players explore a hand-crafted world, fend off death from hunger, exposure and the nastier occupants of the world, and gather resources to turn their humble camp into a flourishing kingdom.

Hazordhu began back in the mid 2000's, and it's been through a lot of changes since then. Most recently, I've been gearing up for a release on Steam and broader advertising for the game after a rigorous and much-needed phase of polish and quality-of-life improvements.

What does your pledge do?
The money raised on Patreon and through other sources goes back into the game once I make sure my lights can stay on for another month!  Thank you for your support!

Thank you for reading and as always: Happy Roleplaying!

For more information, head over to the website
$362.45 of $500 per month
Once we reach $500 / month I will be able to take an extra week off work each month to work exclusively on the game!  That means more great updates to show off, and most importantly, I can get the game onto your hard drives much faster!
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