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If you donate this much a month you get access to the backer videos, such as all the outtakes, BTS, and other stuff I cut out of the videos for time. I try to get these up within a few days of the original video.

You also get access to my Discord, and a backer role acknowledging that you are one of my bosses!

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In addition to the other stuff, I will thank you in the credits of every video after the one you pledged, immortalising you as an enabler of my garbage! Thanks buddy friend!

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On top of the other stuff, you can vote in Polls on what my next video will be! Help me decide what to do with my life before it's too late
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About Hbomb

I'm Harris Bomberguy. I live in a cabin in the woods and browse the web.
I used to have a real job, but now I make videos for the internet for some reason.

I try to cover a variety of topics- games, pop-culture, sociopolitical issues, and whatever else I happen to be obsessed with at the time. The hope is they make people interested in things they might not have been interested in before, and people who were already interested see a new side to it. Also there's at least one joke per video, I'm trying to get rid of them but they keep getting in somehow.

I aim to release around one video per month!

The content I create is often too weird, esoteric, or partisan for a mainstream audience, which is why I use Patreon to support my work.

Backers see videos a few days early, and sometimes longer. I've got a video set for Christmas 2020 that's already out for backers. Why did I do this? I don't know.

I also make a lot of extra things just for backers, like behind the scenes material or outtakes, commentaries on older videos, breakdowns of my process, and sometimes entire backer-only videos on subjects I don't think would be great for a more general audience.

Higher tier backers get their name in the credits, or can vote on what the next video will be in polls taken after the release of the last video!

Supporting me helps me take more risks with my projects - a lot of material I cover is copyrighted, and Fair Use is more of a guideline than a law, making it impossible for me to ever really profit from monetising my work. I also find myself drawn to subjects that might be too niche to be marketable to a wide audience.

With Patreon support I can afford to pay a Producer to keep current and future projects on track, and hire artists, musicians, animators, and researchers to enhance the work as much as possible.

Support also helps me get better production equipment, various props, and subscriptions to software like the Adobe Suite, which you have to pay for every month or you can't use it any more, because that's how the world works now.

7,500 - reached! patrons
I will create a video series defending the star wars prequels, permanently ending my career
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