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A small Ignis who is learning to bake pastries.


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About He6o

About Me

Hello fellow Scientians!

You can call me Skye (I also go by He6o/Zwill, if you prefer usernames). I’m a 28 year-old UK physics (observational astronomy) PhD student (final year!) and self-taught hobby artist. I’m always looking for new ways to improve my approach to art and to share what I’ve done with others. I recently returned to regular drawing after a long bout of social media absence, thanks to the kindness and interest of the FFXV fandom and a shared love of Ignis <3

A friend of mine encouraged me to sign up here, and I thought it would be a good way of getting myself off the ground with selling and distributing my artwork, in addition to providing a platform for me to share my current project WIPs with anyone interested, and to hopefully gain feedback on some of that work. Mostly I want to share my work with the community - think of me as like Ignis with cooking, except if he really enjoyed the cooking part. I’m not looking to make this into a full-time job or a substitute for my work in physics, but thought I would offer up a platform for people to obtain any exclusive prints or hand-drawn sketches if they are wanted. I'd rather they go to loving homes than be forgotten in a drawer somewhere XD!

If you are interested in supporting me, any proceeds will go towards purchasing art supplies, paying for prints/shipping materials and covering my overheads (aka bills and supporting other Patreon artists). As I acquire more funds from Ignis-ing I’ll hope to purchase a printer and button makers to improve upon the merch I can give out (including offering more choice for mailer prints!), and perhaps to venture into the world of enamel pins and acrylic charms if I’m lucky <3

What will I post?

* IGNIS SCIENTIA. So much Ignis. Seriously. Also featuring mascot, PAK Ignis.
* FFXV Fanart, Original Work, Misc. Fandom art, Cosplay progress.
* Mostly WIPs of my current projects (traditional and digital).
* Final artworks earlier than on other social media platforms.
* Sneak peaks of exclusive projects (e.g. gift arts).
* Unfinished pieces and sketches from the scrap pile.
* Progress snapshots like for these traditional and digital pieces.
* Occasional video tutorials and PSD breakdowns (as files) for tacticians+.

Current Projects

The Ignis Scientia Minor Arcana & Playing Card Set:

A 58-card playing card set (Ace, K, Q, J, Knight, 2-10 per suit + Jokers) themed after the meanings associated with minor arcana cards, and focussing on portraiture of Ignis for designs, spanning different ages (Child, Brotherhood Anime, 22, 32 v1/v2) across suits. All card designs are produced traditionally on A4 Bristol board with water soluble Caran d'Ache pencils (used dry), with a 2cm border, and are then made print-ready in Procreate. This project will last well into 2020, but perhaps one day I can fund production and sell them to interested fans! 

The Ignis Scientia Major Arcana:

Tied in with the minor Arcana, this will feature a set of 22 traditional art 3/4-full body scenes of Ignis to the theme of the major arcana cards. Materials will be the same as the playing card set, drawn to full A4 size and scaled during print, with the main design fixed within the card border. All cards will be made available as prints on Redbubble in their full A4 form! Another project which may run for a long time, but one which could be printed much sooner, funds allowing.

Weapons of Eos 

A set of digital portraits which encompasses most weapons from FFXV, painted digitally in a realism style. Perhaps the slowest of my projects, given my propensity to draw more Ignis, but one I would love to complete one day. This project will allow me to refine my digital painting skills, particularly for a more time consuming realism style.

Animals & Chocobros

A bunch of digital portraits I wish to finish with the chocobros in order to practise animal art (birds and felines planned for now)!

Untitled Comic Project

Perhaps not something I will post a lot of, as it is very dependent on finding time to write out my script and properly panel it, but I have a lot of free panels sketched from past iterations that could do with being reassembled and finished off. The comic alternates following a persecuted mage from an alternate reality Earth (Trey, above) and an FBI agent from modern day Earth (Sebastian, below) who cross paths due to some technical space-time issues. Consider the genre a hybrid sci-fi/fantasy/detective story, with a bit of psychological horror and Starbucks obsession thrown in for good measure.

Every major XV piece in these projects will eventually be shared to Twitter and Tumblr, so if you're only interested in that feel free to just follow me there!

As a patron you will be able to influence what I focus on, be pre-warned about store updates, be first in line for larger giveaways and keep up to date with my plans (both for merchandise and WIPs). Check out my Redbubble for larger prints on all major work (updated periodically with batches of finished art), or my Etsy store (opening soon!) for A5 prints and original pieces! 
88% complete
Patreon will become self-sufficient (providing currency stays $1=£1!), and I can look into including non-print merch in future bundles.
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