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About Aaron Moss aka Brother Head

Greetings. This is Aaron Moss... aka Brother Head or just Head... I'm a big fan of comics. ESPECIALLY comics from about 1985-1995. To me this is the Golden Age of Comics.
In fact I love comics so much I podcast about them.

My main show, Head Speaks, I've talked about Vigilante, The Sword of The Atom, Armageddon 2001, plus other comics, tv shows,movies, novels, and more.

Then there is:
G.I. Joe: A Real American Headcast where I talk about the G.I Joe comic that was published by Marvel, currently IDW.

Task Force X where I talk about the comics Suicide Squad and Checkmate

And The Starman/Manhunter Adventure Hour, where I look at The Mark Shaw Manhunter and Will Payton Starman comics from yesteryear.

plus possibly later on I'll look at Hawk and Dove, Wally West Flash, The Atom, and who knows what else. Join me on this little adventure, that's getting bigger than I intended.

Plus I like roleplaying.... That may be showing up also... Lots of content... Lots of comics...

But you may be asking yourself, Why Patreon?

Why not? All the cool kids are doing it... or so I'm told.

I'm hosting my sites on Archive.Org for free.  If I had some steady income from the podcasts, I might move over to a paid hosting site that might be more secure. Or depending on the amounts I receive, I might be able to use the funds to go to a comic convention (like Dragon Con or one of the Joe Cons) and meet up with you great listeners.

So I figured I'd give this a shot. Not looking to become a millionaire, (though it would be nice if I did), just looking to get a little help..

Plus maybe I can do the occasional videocast and other stuff.... I don't know... let's see what the future holds...

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