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is creating Mindfulness and Wellbeing material
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About Benjamin Stubbs

Hi there.

Firstly cheers peeps for taking the time to read and check out my page.  Money isn't everything but it does help give you freedom to do the things in your lives that need it.  It's true the best parts of life are free but money is the icing on the cake, that is why I have set up this Patreon account. I thrive of nothing more than assisting others in making their lives better, not by being a 'Guru' and surrendering power to me but to empower people to change their own lives.  I have been blessed with a lot of love around me from friends and family and want to give that back to the world around me.  I am passionate about the power of our minds and wellbeing and know it is my path to assist others on their, not by giving them the metaphorical fish but giving them their own rods to catch those pesky metaphorical fish themselves, that is true empowerment.

I want to keep building my media platform with lots of material to help as many people as are willing to change, so any help money wise would be bloody brilliant.

Cheers people and I wish you a brilliant day.
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It would just be pretty cool to have 100 people who believe in what I do and want to support me. I would offer to dance naked under a full moon but I think it might put people off rather than bring them in. :D
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