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HeavilyMeducated was originally created a while ago as a notesharing platform when a couple of students were creating notes for themselves in the run up to exams. Anyone who has ever studied anything is aware that some formats are more conducive to learning some topics than others, this is no different in medicine, where some things can be learned form reading a wall of text, other topics need more simplistic descriptions, introductions or alternative ways of presenting information. By my third year of medicine I was hit with another problem; I had all these resources offering a wide range of modalities of presenting information to me. I was overwhelmed how could I choose what to study and how. This project is in early stages and was originally created as a way for a small group of students to share and create notes in a way that made studying easier. By creating content for my own site I was forcing myself to study and it felt rewarding. 

Plans for the future - when HM was started I was not exceptionally focused on my studies I had no skills in web development and not much has changed.
  • Plans to expand the team of contributors as creating the largest online encyclopedia of medicine is a mammoth task for 3 people
  • The main idea of the site was to be able to curate the resources that you find valuable, and be able to create an account where you can adjust your settings so that you can have what you want available when and in the format you want it. Studying the days before the exam is very different to studying to understand the topic.
  • Building on the above point, means developing our skills in web development or paying someone to help with this. The cost of hosting a site to support a large number of members and an insane amount of material. 
  • An area for user submissions, what better way to learn than teach others, this will create a forum for people to discus their learning, in keeping with the rest of the content this will hopefully kept relevant and helpful. For this their will be a role created, for ensuring user submissions end up in the right locations, are relevant interesting and most importantly medically accurate.
  • We want to be able to recognise the work of our creators and contributors, and want to build a system which acknowledges an individuals contributions.

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