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About Heidiroo

❣️Hello! ❣️

I am Heidi Moreno of Heidiroo! I am a full-time freelance illustrator living in Los Angeles. My days are pretty unpredictable in terms of what I am working on. Some days I am working on client work, or tabling at an event, doing admin work or researching. However, on the days that I get to work on personal projects I am the most happiest! This is a major reason why I joined Patreon!

Here on Patreon, I plan to show you a more thorough behind the scenes of what goes into my projects. I am constantly brainstorming new ideas while I plan a new illustration print, stickers, a zine or other fun accessories. This is also a great platform to get feedback from you and help me decide which products to design next! It's a great way to have more consistent interaction with you!

You're patronage to Heidiroo will help me create more work and explore other projects I want to dive into! You'll have the opportunity to vote on my polls and ask me anything you want on my Q&A's plus watch patreon-exclusive vlogs and illustrations. Patreon is a place where I feel safe to share more thoughts with a more personal community. I want to build a community of people like you that support independent artists like me!

✏️How it works✏️

If you want to support me, choose which pledge best works for you! Each tier has fun stuff and offers some goodies! It starts at $1.00 and even a single dollar makes an impact! :) You have the opportunity to stop by for only a month or stay as long as you wish! Peanut and I hope you stay and watch our little adventure grow!

I hope you become a patron!


Heidi and Peanut (Heidiroo crew)

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