is creating Scale Model Helicopter Blurred Rotors
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Highest Level Patrons.  At this level, you have right to receive copies of all prototypes as they are produced during product development via First Class Mail.  Medici-like Patrons will also receive first production HeliBlurs BEFORE they are available for sale on websites.

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About HeliBlur

In 1999, I developed a product I had envisioned when I was a child making airplane models, a product to simulate a propeller in motion.  I call the product PropBlur, and sell PropBlurs on PropBlur.com.   There are dedicated PropBlur users Worldwide who love them. 
For 20 years model makers have asked me to make PropBlurs for Helicopters. 
This is that project - HeliBlur.  It is now my vision to create this product.
I will be producing Helicopter Blurs - Helicopter Blades with special blurred treatment (HeliBlur) to use with scale Helicopter modeling.  With Hundreds of different helicopters, this project will take a bit of time and require a big investment.  But you can help do it faster.
Patrons will help me speed this progress, and assist in design elements, so that more and more model helicopters can have appropriate HeliBlurs for detailed modeling.
If you would like to help with this work, please be a patron of this work.  Patrons will help determine the scope of this project, the particular list of helicopter blades that will be modeled and the order that I will develop them.  Patrons will help determine which model scales that will be tackled.  Patrons have the option to receive copies of prototypes of each different design as it is produced, items which will not be available for sale anywhere else.  Patrons have the option to receive the first shipment of production HeliBlurs, before they are available for general sale on the HeliBlur.com and PropBlur.com websites. 
Choose a level of Patronage that you can afford and be proud to help support advances in our great hobby.
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At this level, I will set up the first survey / questionaire.  Results from this survey will be used to determine which specific helicopters and scales for which to design the first HeliBlurs.
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