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Thanks for your support! Even the smallest amount is a huge gesture of appreciation-- so thank you!
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About Helium

Hi, I'm Helium!

If you're looking at this Patreon page, you've probably seen me around before! I draw a lot of big animals and I love doing so.

This Patreon is intended to be a supplement to help me pay rent and bills while still taking commissions on a regular basis. Even the smallest donation would be a big gesture of support, and inspire me to keep going!

I want to have a few perks for being a patron, though some of the goals I've come up with for the Patreon are intended to be inclusive of everyone, for both those who can donate and those who cannot. However, I still wanna show some love to those who are supporting me monthly, and so far this includes personal doodle packs released monthly (which would include sketches from streams and drawpiles, as well as WIP things that I don't see myself working on anymore), exclusive streams for patrons only, and participation in votes on stuff like monthly themes if I decide to do them.

My first major milestone goal is a request stream once a month in which everyone can join, for both patrons and non-patrons. Not only do I want to draw more, but I want to participate with the community as much as possible, so more goals will be centered towards this as I reach them. (Game streams, public drawpiles? -- It's also possible I'll hold a vote on upcoming goals for patrons!) But this is my first iteration of my Patreon and of course things are subject to change.

The first doodle pack I release after March's pledges are processed will be VERY large, with lots of stuff from the past year or so that's never been uploaded. And on that note, I would be happy to give the packs from the previous months to those who are supporting me, but they will be on request.

Thanks a bunch!
$4.35 of $100 per month
A stream for both patrons and non-patrons, once per month I'll do a request stream for everyone (though probably under a strict theme). This will be totally separate from the patron-only stream, and will run for a set time also.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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