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About my channel

Started on August 26, 2011 my channel is dedicated to eliminating bigotry and ignorance against those who practice the Occult. While also promoting education on the Occult, defined as a mystery tradition that shall no longer live under the shadow of any other religion. I stand united with all faiths or beliefs and even those who have no faith or belief to create an atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance; promoting an arena to engage in conversation and support for individual autonomy. Although I generally speak to clear up misinformation, I do not wish to be a spokesperson for all Occultists, nor should I be perceived as speaking for any group as a whole or any other individual except myself; as each individual has their own voice.

I have several sub-categories under my main channel:

  • Misinformation on the Occult
These videos are geared toward correcting misinformation, propaganda, stereotyping and the spread of direct lies against Paganism in general and the Occult. Most of these response videos are towards news agencies and televangelists who propagate these lies and fallacies.

The most common misconceptions are:
  • Occultists and those who practice it are the servants of the devil or some evil force.
  • That rumors and fallacies spread by so called “ex-witches” are lies
  • That Occultists try to curse and cause harm to those around them
  • That Occultists sacrifice children
  • The BatShitCrazy Zone
These videos are so fallacious and wrong that the one spreading the lies and propaganda is so ludicrous and absurd that it makes the video presenter look borderline insane.
By far one of my viewer’s most popular sub-categories, I really enjoy making these videos and have plans to make several more as luckily (or maybe sadly) there are videos out there that can be categorized as worthy of the BatShitCrazy Zone.

  • Rants, Viewer Comments and Questions
These are videos that are in direct response to recent events in the news as when Fox News ran a piece on Wicca Holidays and the recent “Blue Moon” murders in Pensacola Florida.
I also answer questions and address comments left by my viewers, I respond to all my viewers’ comments and occasionally will frame an entire video around one.

  • Wicca 2.0 Series
This is designed as a beyond the over saturation of “Wicca 101” videos. I wanted to present information beyond the basics for those who have already learned a little and are seeking deeper studies. Considered to be an intermediate educational series. It delves into the relation of modern Paganism with the more ancient Western Occult tradition. Becoming  a Patron at the $5 level grants you access to the video series and a $10 level grants access to google hangouts.

  • Interview Series
One of my personal favorite categories; as it gives me an opportunity to speak with Pagans of many faiths and paths, who have been influential in the Pagan movement either publicly or anonymously as stewards of traditions, education or representatives in the media.

I have had the opportunity to speak with several people from around the world and this is project that I see much potential for and am looking to expand it and setup many interviews in the coming months.
If you or someone you know would be a good candidate for an upcoming episode please contact me directly.

Where and what will my Patreon funds go to?

As I want to turn this into a full-time endeavor, currently funding will go to maintaining the space that I use to create videos, the green screen, lights, cameras, audio equipment, software and the computer I use to create everything.
The bulk of the funding will go to maintaining and supporting my current setup and equipment. Allowing me to concentrate entirely on crating content.
Future Equipment
Should I be fully funded I will be able to concentrate on making videos, I can then move on to purchasing better equipment.
  • Audio Device. $150 to $300 dollars on new equipment
  • Video Capture. $500 to 1500 dollars on new equipment
  • Software: Adobe After Effects/All on monthly rental $20-50 dollars/month.
Rewards for my Patreon Viewers
Pledge $1.00 per video, you get listed as a patron supporter.
Pledge $300 per video, you get listed as a patron supporter and a shout out.
Pledge $5.00 per video, you get a big shout out and thank you on the show, access to videos 3 days before they are released and access to hangouts
Pledge $10.00 per video, you get a huge thank you on the show, access to patron only content, the Wicca 2.0 series and 1 on 1 google hangouts the last Wednesday of every month at 6:00 PM (Pacific Time)
$12 of $100 per Video
Recording microphone, pop filter and swivel arm.
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