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You are a Sweetheart

$1 /creation
- All creations get shared with you at least 24 hours before the rest of the world!

- Connect with other patrons here and in the patron-only Facebook group.
- Instantly download my music!

Exclusive creations!

$5 /creation
- Download Demo songs that haven't been released (and some never will). 
ALL previous rewards!

Welcome to the Héllraisers Gang!

$15 /creation
- I'll send you a personal welcome note and handwritten lyrics of your favourite song of mine!
- ALL previous rewards.

Get Credited! X

$25 /creation
- You get Credited in my Creations because you Rock big time!
- ALL previous rewards.

Post buddies

$30 /creation
- Will send you hand-written postcards from my travels all over the world!
- Exclusive Merch will be posted to you!
- ALL previous Perks!

Skype buddies!

$50 /creation
- We'll chat on Skype and stuff.
- You'll get a digital Sketch of You and Me together!
- ALL previous rewards!

You own my dark Mediterranean heart.

$100 /creation
- Online Gig ONLY for you and your chosen ones once a year.

- You choose a subject and I will write a song about it.

- FREE pass for all my live shows (wherever it is possible)
- ALL previous rewards!

Live Show for You!

$380 /creation
Do you have a special occasion or want to make a random occasion special?  You got it! I'll be there and play a live show for you! Let's bring this awesome community closer! EXCITE...

You take it All!

$450 /creation
A handmade Drawing made by yours truly...me!

A homemade "Dream" Candle made with Love and natural soy wax.

A custom made sterling silver...