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• Webcomic notes/lore

• Patreon exclusive doodles

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• !!! NSFW !!! (doodles & chapters)

• Tutorials & processes

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•  Monthly drawing to win a free art print!

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  My name is Angle and I'm just a designer and comic creator based in Los Angeles! I'm currently working on my main webcomic,
" The Devil is a Handsome Man" via LineWebtoon.
(So most content will be related to that, but I also post tutorials/processes, HD images and art that isn't anywhere else, and of course weekly NSFW)

   [click for social medias and store]

(the frequency of posts depends on how busy I am/projects in tow, typically there's more than a few posts a week, but this is a guideline)

Weekly Wed:   
NSFW  post & Wallpaper Downloads/HD post
Weekly Thur: Doodles/sketches & Chapter Notes/Lore post

MONTHLY: All followers on social media and Patreon are entered into a monthly raffle to win a free art print! Shipped anywhere in the world, no purchase necessary!

All tier rewards stack, so you get everything included below your tier!

 I'll post in depth notes/lore for chapters of the comic. Also, wallpapers and HD downloads of illustrations. And any drawings/doodles/memes I deem too dumb for public eyes.

 You get all the spicy  NSFW  This includes sketches/doodles, finished pieces, and even whole NSFW chapters. Also, tutorials and progress explanations/videos. (access to certain discord channels starts here)

 Everything from the previous rewards AND a 25% off coupon to use on anything in the shop! (fresh coupon codes are posted monthly)

A digital sketch/doodle of a single person/character/object! 

 A digital lineart black/white drawing of a single person/character/object! (This can replace the decum tier in terms of quality of drawing received)

 A physical print/poster of art of your choice, shipped to you! [REDEEMABLE EVERY MONTH FOR US DOMESTIC] [for INTERNATIONAL patrons outside the US, you will receive 2 prints every two months. This is because of high international shipping costs]

You could have something featured in the comic! (This is a one-panel, one character/person/object with typically no dialogue)

A full digital custom commission, please nothing too complicated though I beg you (I'm normally super busy day to day). We can talk further about the commission through messages! 

When pledges process (the first week of the month) make sure to send a message OR email: [email protected] if you are tier DECUM or higher to collect rewards!

Again, please email or message me on here to remind me of your rewards around the beginning of the month, I'm terribly busy week to week and lose track of my mind, thanks! If I don't receive a message/email I'll assume you don't want anything for that month!

There's other cool stuff that goes on too, like more giveaways and holidays cards, basically anything I think would be neat!


When you click on the posts tab, the posts will arrange from newest to oldest. Here, you'll notice there are 5 featured tags on the left. And you can filter the posts you see by clicking on these featured tags, or by clicking on the tags below the featured ones.

I HIGHLY suggest reading the   PLOT   tag if you are keeping up with "The Devil is a Handsome Man", as this will give you a clearer explanation of the plot,story progression, and character interactions. 

Notes&Lore: Details of the comic, chapter by chapter

NSFW: Anything remotely spicy will be here

Tutorials/Process: I share brushes, screentones, and quick/detailed tutorials here

Character Profies/Extras: In depth likes/dislikes/personalities of the characters and more

Wallpapers/HD Downloads: full size, high-res downloads of illustrations and wallpapers

Below the featured tags, the rest of the tags are typically self-explanatory, like "doodles" or "music"

The support means so much to me, and every bit helps me produce more wacky content! 
Thank you!
89% complete
If this is ever possible I could quit my day job and work on all the stuff you guys want to see, like, 538281861628% faster!
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