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About Heloise Chung

Hi! I'm Héloïse — with a silent h.  

I'm a writer.
I write about the time I lived in a converted ambulance van. I write about fitting in, finding love in a four-legged friend, and other musings on life. My fiction leans toward weird, dark humor, and speculative.

I'm a filmmaker.
I make weird short sketches. I shot a pilot that's a sci-fi comedy about privilege. I'm currently writing a feature. My films gravitate towards sci-fi and dark comedy.

I'm a ceramicist.
Occasionally I make ceramics, too. 

Thank You.
I think you're here because you believe in supporting the arts, amplifying diversity, and being a part of a creative community, and I appreciate that.

My goal is to share something here every two weeks to start. I hope you find something here that resonates with you. Thank you! I hope I inspire you to go out and create, too! :)
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