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I am the one and only admin of the instagram meme page helpmeouthereguys and I am trying to build a gaming pc, but I have to spend all of my money on a car right now so I have no withing to go towards my pc, so I really appreciate anyone who helps me out, help me out here guys.
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You really like memes, and you REALLY like my page, if your willing to donate anything for THIS, then your a really cool guy and your helping me to keep my page alive and finance all of my various frivolous pursuits, and I love you for it
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You ar a real og nigga and I fucking love you for doing this, the first person to donate anything will recipe a special shoutout from my meme page, just dm me your @
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Anyone who donates $10 will recive a shoutout from my instagram meme page, just dm me your @
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I'm trying to build a gaming pc and I really appreciate anyone who helps out, and I'll think of more stuff sometime soon if this patreon takes off, which I know it wont, but you should surprise me. help me out here guys
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