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About Heretic Deb

Hey there.

I'm Heretic Deb.

You may know me for Abaddon and Teal, the stick man adventures of the Despoiler and his pet cat, as well as the rest of the Warhammer 40K cast. Or, you may know me from my miniature painting ventures from a variety of spaces.

I've created this space so people can show me a bit of support if they want to here and there. I am not setting up a 'paywall' for content, I certainly don't intend to restrict what people can and can't see. It's an option.

On here, you will find the various tutorials I have written, as well as other bits and bobs I create here and there.

All Patreons will get a stick man drawing of them with some casst members of Abaddon and Teal when they sign up!

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With this, I can get the supplies to keep creating - graphics tablet nibs, brushes, that sort of thing!
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